I Knew He Would Have Done It

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A Kiss for A Happy Heart

Last week, Abby went on a youth weekend outing. The group of young men and young women were going to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho. We loaded up her sleeping bag, camping gear, and swimming suit and dropped her off in the morning at the designated meeting spot. Later that afternoon one of the adult […]

How Do You Do It?

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Blue Eyes...Open

I think that one of the questions I hear most often in connection to our journey with Abby’s congenital heart defect is, “How do you do it?” Even though it is usually asked rhetorically, it’s a fair question. It’s human nature to watch others in their trials and wonder how they make it through. I’ve […]

The Nontraditional Mother on Mother’s Day

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I recently graduated from a graduate program. For me, achieving this goal was one of those life-long dreams people talk about. When I returned to school in 2009, I was handed a schedule and a label–the label of nontraditional student. I was older than college students are supposed to be, returning in my mid-thirties. I […]

Living Legacy–Two Years Later

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Two years ago today we received Abby’s call, letting us know that a heart had been donated that was a match for Abby. It feels like a lifetime ago. We were still waiting in a hospital room two years ago at this time, unsure as to when Abby’s transplant would take place. Unsure as to […]

Giving the Gift of Life, Giving the Gift of Love

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  It was nearly a year ago when I stood next to Abby in front of a room full of people, people we had never met, but felt a powerful connection to regardless. The bright white lights shined at us so that we could only see the first couple rows of the filled ballroom. Abby’s […]

Sometimes it’s the Little Things

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Sometimes in life it is the little things.  It is the little things that can catch you off guard or it is the little things that can make you feel like enough is enough.  We had one of those “little things” experiences last week.  Abby has been having problems with her eye.  It has been […]

One Heart, One body, Two Spirits

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It has been a year and three months since Abby had her heart transplant.  I have gotten used to her medicine routine.  I have gotten used to increased doctor visits.  I have gotten used to a weakened immune system.   What I can’t get used to is using the phrase “her heart.”  It isn’t her […]

Learning What I Forgot

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This blog is all about Abby.  It is about dealing with her Congenital Heart Defect from her mother’s point of view.  It is about Tetralogy of Fallot, open heart surgery, cardiology, valve replacements, heart failure, and living after her heart transplant.  It isn’t directly about the three boys above…but everything I write about affects them […]

She’s a Butterfly

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One thing I have learned on this journey with Abby through her congenital heart defect and her heart transplant is that I couldn’t do this alone.  I need support.  I need to be reminded of how many people love Abby and wish the best for her.  We have amazing family and friends but I have […]

Learning About Life from Mia, Jack, and Abby

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It was just one year ago. Abby reminded me of that yesterday when we were driving to her little brother’s birthday at the park. Last year at this time, Abby was just coming home from an unexpected and life changing stay in the hospital. One year ago we were just trying to deal with Abby’s […]

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